How to train your dog

Training a dog is the most important thing a dog owner should be familiar of. Dogs are not only pets, if you consider your dog as your best friend, then you have to teach your pooch the proper protocol. If you want an organize house or less damage at home, try to train your dog. Well-trained pets always make people happy! Here the 3 fundamental things to understand to have a successful outcome on how to train your dog:


Understanding Dog Noises and Barks

Like human beings, dogs use their voices too, to communicate verbally. They usually bark, growl, howl and whine to utter something.

Dogs bark when they feel bored or lonely. Barking is their way to catch attention, to say “howdy,” or to warn someone of trouble ahead. Be careful on how to respond to a barking dog. If the dogs get excited, they usually love to bark, at this state, never yell at them for they might think you are barking back.Puppies used to whine or whimper to get their mother’s attention especially if they want to be comforted and fed.  The puppies soon learn that people respond to their whining too, every time they want to eat or go for a walk. Dogs also whine when feeling frightened by lurid noises like fireworks and lightning strikes or thunderstorm.The cutest thing a puppy does is whining. But, sometimes whining dogs can get so annoying. Do not comfort them, try to ignore until they stop. After then, you can reward their silence with petting or praise.Growling is the easiest pooch sound to understand. It’s a serious sign of “ready to attack,” or “strong aggression” toward something. A dog behavioral training can help you get your dog away with growling. A professional trainer can help evaluate the case and get everything under control. Another is howling. This sound conveys loneliness, warning, excitement, craving or winning against their prey. The methods on how to train your dog can be easy using and understanding dogs noise and bark! The more you understand the signals your dog makes, the easier for you  to  train your dog effectively. If a dog creates an annoying sound which you think might not so cool to other people, there are applicable dog trainings to make them stop barking or making unwanted noise.

Reading Dog’s Gestures and Ways


Humans use body language as a silent way of communication, as well as for dogs. Dogs use different gestures to communicate. The ears and eyes are dynamic parts which give dogs a chance to let go emotions and desires. Every actions your pet dog does… from tilting their heads to wagging their tails, all these  contribute messages.

Dog Training Tips

It is not only important to know how to train a dog, however, determining what things to train them is necessary. Different dogs possess different traits and behavior. After knowing your dog’s characteristics and gestures, you should address what are the things you could correct.Whether your dog needs obedience classes, basic tricks and performances, trainings on how to respond to commands and how to behave. There are actually many specific dog training tips you can teach your dog for fun and to create a strong bond between both of you.

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